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Re: [TiVo Central] How to increase signal SCochrane Wed Feb 22 17:00:58 2012

okay I will have to get an Ethernet cable long enough because they are a ways 
away from each other, different rooms. 

Not sure about your question about downloading speed'... just know I have 30mb 
but don't know if that refers to downloading speed, but I thought it did. 

I will report back and let you know the results.


Subject: Re: [TiVo Central] How to increase signal


  Ok, start by connecting the Tivo directly to the router using a wired 
  ethernet cable. Not wireless. If that solves the problem then you have 
  your answer. Using a streaming device across a wireless connection is 
  never an ideal situation. It's one thing to use a wireless link for 
  lightweight stuff like the Tivo getting it's program guide. But once 
  you start getting into streaming full screen video you really can't do 
  it reliably using wireless. There's just too much data needed to make a 
  good full screen picture. Wireless just isn't up to the task. Not to 
  mention the USB connections on the back of the older Tivos isn't very 
  fast. Combine that with intermittent wireless issues and you have a 
  recipe for failure.

  If it doesn't work with a wired connection then you have networking 
  problems with your ISP (charter, in your case). What downloading data 
  rate are you paying for? How fast is it supposed to be able to 
  download? 1mbps, 5mbps or what? I've found you need to have at least a 
  10mbps rate to reliably stream while also using the connection for 
  anything else.


  On 2/22/2012 10:05 AM, SCochrane wrote:
  > I don't know whether they mean the Wi-Fi signal or the cable. Whatever is 
showing on the Network Connection Status screen, possibly.
  > I think the signal is what Charter called 'zero' meaning, I guess, as far 
as their cable was concerned, during the streaming the connection kept getting 
dropped because the signal was too low. They guaranteed me that off powering 
the router would fix the situation but as far as I could tell, nothing changed.
  > The 58% was what I read on the screen during the Network Connection Status 
on the TiVo at the time they said it was zero at their end. During the Network 
Connection these numbers fluctuated vastly.
  > I saw the number 11 after Channel.
  > Everything I use is hard-wired; computer, printer. No microwaves, cordless 
phones. TV is Bluetooth ready but don't use it. AFAIK, the only thing wireless 
is the TiVo and TiVo adapter so I can bypass the phone connection, and my cell 
phone, which is always far away from any other electronic device. As far as 
changing things on the router I really don't understand how to do that.
  > I'm not really very knowledgable about all this so I'm not sure how to 
answer your questions about the cable and WiFi. I just know that I have cable 
coming from Charter to the TV and computer, and the Tivo is connected to the 
router by a wireless Tivo adapter. The computer/router are in a different room 
from the TV and Tivo.
  > Thank you very much for your response,
  > Sandra

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