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Re: [TiVo Central] Over-night recordings via RCN/TIVO versus Comcast ? MegaZone Tue Apr 03 11:00:55 2012

On Sun, Apr 1, 2012 at 12:27, WRZ <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> **
> Does anyone know why on my old RCN system, I used
> to be able set a recording time to tape / TIVO a late
> night program without leaving my cable box on but now
> when I try and do the same thing with my new Comcast
> system it turns the cable box on to make the tape ?

It isn't clear - was this an RCN system using the same TiVo?  Any TiVo fed
with an external cable box MUST have the cable box on to record.  If the
box is off the output should be off and the TiVo won't have a source to

Now, some cable boxes can be configured for 'turn on on channel change' -
where if they see any channel change signal they automatically power on.
 When setup this way you can turn the box off and when the TiVo sends the
channel change signal at the start of a recording the box will turn on.
 You'd have to look in the cable box settings menus to see if it has this

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