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foreign keys, complexDataModel, and external schemas Helge Weissig Tue Feb 28 19:00:37 2012


        I just ran into what may be a feature or a bug... trying to find out 
which: When I define a table in schema1.xml and another two, including a  link 
table for a many-to-many relationship in schema2.xml, where schema2.xml 
includes schema1.xml as an external schema, torque will not generated the 
getter methods for the foreign keys.

To illustrate, I have created a github project. As you will see, there are two 
schema files: first-schema.xml and second-schema.xml which includes the first. 
The generated base classes for tbl1 and tbl3 differ in that BaseTbl3 has the 
getter methods for the link table tbl_link_int (e.g. getTblLinkInts()), whereas 
BaseTbl1 does not.

I think it would be a very useful feature to be able to split a large schema 
into several sub-schema files and not lose the ability to generate these 
setters! Maybe I am doing something wrong though!?

Any input would be appreciated.