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[torqueusers] TORQUE 4.0 and hwloc DuChene, StevenX A Tue Apr 03 20:00:09 2012

I installed hwloc-1.4.1 and hwloc-devel-1.4.1 rpms on the server where I am 
building torque-4.X and in looking through the output from the configure script 
during the build I do not see anywhere that the existence of any hwloc stuff is 
checked. In fact in grepping through the output from the whole torque rpm build 
process I do not see ANY mention of hwloc at all.

I see compile time flags of HWLOC_CFLAGS and HWLOC_LIBS mentioned in the -help 
output from configure but according to the description text this is just 
supposed to over-ride the pkg-config results however I do not see any evidence 
that the pkg-config system is being quizzed at all for the existence of hwloc 
on the build server.

Is there some step I am missing?

I thought someone mentioned that there would be better documentation of the 
hwloc business in the torque-4.0.1 release?

If so where is it?
Steven DuChene

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Hwloc is now required for running cpusets in TORQUE, and it helps out a lot 
both in immediate use and in groundwork for future features.

Immediately hwloc gives you a better cpuset because it gives you the next core 
instead of the next indexed core. For example: many eight core systems have 
processors 0, 2, 4, and 6 next to each other and processors 1, 3,  5, and 7 
next to each other. If you're running a pre-4.0 TORQUE, and you have two jobs 
on the node, each with 4 cores, job 1 will have 0-3 and job 2 will have 4-7. In 
TORQUE 4.0, job 1 will have 0, 2, 4, and 6, and job 2 will have 1, 3, 5, and 7. 
This should help speed up processing times for jobs (NOTE: only if you have 
this kind of system and a comparable job layout, I'm not promising a general 
speed-up to everyone using cpusets). This should also allow us to properly 
handle hyperthreading for anyone that has it turned on and wishes to use it.

The last immediate feature is if you have SMT (simultaneous multi-threading) 
hardware. The mom config variable $use_smt was added. By default, the use of 
SMT is enabled, but you can tell your pbs_mom to ignore them (not place them in 
the cpuset) using by adding

$use_smt false

to your mom config file

For the future, the hwloc threads make it really easy for us to handle hardware 
specific requests. One of the coming features for TORQUE is to allow requests 
roughly similar to:

socket=2:numa=2 --with-hyperthreads

which would say to spread the job over 2 sockets, and across the 2 numa nodes 
on each socket. This is a feature we plan to add to improve support for 
Magny-Cours and Opteron type processors that have multiple sockets and or 
multiple numa nodes on the processor chip. Using hwloc makes it so we don't 
have to parse system files and map the indices to the sockets and/or numa nodes 
ourselves, we can simply use easy hwloc functions like 
hwloc_get_next_obj_inside_cpuset_by_type() that allow you to just move on to 
the next physical core or virtual core, or skip to the next socket or numa node 
as the case may be.

On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 8:47 AM, DuChene, StevenX A <[EMAIL 
Also a better (more complete) explanation of what features are enabled when 
hwloc is used would be helpful as well.

BTW, I built torque on my server without hwloc installed and then installed the 
resulting mom packages on my nodes. The mom daemons in that case did seem to 
start up just fine.
Steven DuChene

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Hi Steven,

I have just begun testing Torque 4.0, as hwloc has been a long awaited
feature for me.

> It is unclear from this announcement text where hwloc has to be installed.
> Is it just on the server or on the nodes only?

It needs to be available on the BUILD server and the nodes. I tried to
run pbs_mom on a node without the hwloc I had installed and it failed.

Note: I am running hwloc 1.4 from a directory in /usr/local
This was not automatically found by the TORQUE configure script, but you
can specify the location using HWLOC_CFLAGS & HWLOC_LIBS.
It embeds the locations that you specify in the pbs_mom (and other
files) but it seems you can set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable if it is
not in the same location on the BUILD server as the compute nodes.
For simplicity installing them in the same location makes sense.

> More documentation about this would be greatly appreciated.

I agree, clearer and more detailed documentation would be useful.

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