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Re: [Trac] New plugins: a true Test Case Manager Christian Dähn Wed Aug 25 02:00:19 2010


the TestCaseManager seems to really beat any other solutions - it's great!

But I'm looking just one feature - which maybe already exists inside the plugin:
Each test case gets a status (works great) and a comment (didn't found an input 
field -
do I have to open a ticket for comments?) from the tester.

The goal for a software test is to get a report, where all tests are listed 
with their
result and the comments of the tester. Based on this the developer / reviewer
creates tickets for failed tests, if needed.

Further, a test plan / report must contain informations about the tested subject
and environment (app version, build date, test date, name of tester, used 
system...) - this is very important to compare test reports by app version and
to trac changes to an app (e.g. to find regressions).

If my request is not too far away from the plugin's concept and goal,
I would post this as a feature request.

Thanks for this great plugin! I'm looking forward to use it for my daily work.
Currently I try to port the plugin to Python 2.4 (our production server is
very old - hope to get a newer one within this year).


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