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Re: [Trac] Reuse Trac groups on Subversion right access Matthew Caron Mon Feb 20 06:00:59 2012

On 02/14/2012 03:32 AM, Alvaro wrote:
What I am looking for is a plugin that may permit to use a Trac group
as a Subversion group ->  Like that, the Trac group may be used
directly on the Subversion path without having to do 2 entries each
Do you have some ideas about it ?

Another option - cli script it. Write a wrapper script from the CLI which takes all necessary information, then adds the user to both Trac and SVN.

You could then extend said script (or wrap it again) with additional functionality to take some input list of all your users (say, a CSV file you get from a spreadsheet from HR) and then you can just batch import all the existing users.

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