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Re: [Trac] Reuse Trac groups on Subversion right access Dimitri Maziuk Mon Feb 20 12:00:20 2012

On 02/20/2012 12:06 PM, Jason Miller wrote:

> However painful that initial LDAP group setup would be… I think your
right in the end, the LDAP group method is probably the correct
permanent way to go.

Well, the devil is in the details. E.g. the good old unix 32 groups per
user limit: I've no idea if it'd still apply in your situation, or
whether you'd hit it -- but with that many users it sounds likely. Or if
you need to also manage group permissions inside track -- that's a whole
another can of worms.

Dimitri Maziuk
BioMagResBank, UW-Madison -- http://www.bmrb.wisc.edu