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Re: [Trac] VCS hook control from Trac web admin? Magnus Therning Tue Feb 21 06:00:20 2012

I've not had much time to look into this lately, but I have a question
about the basic design.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but your design
seems to call for a very simple hook to be placed in the VCS hook dir
(e.g. ${svn-repo-dir}/) which then is invoked by the VCS.  This hook
then calls back into Trac and implementors of
IRepositoryChangeListener are told about the change, and they call
into all IRepositoryHookSubscribers.  Is that correct?

If my understanding is correct, what is the use-case behind this trip
back into Trac and added complexity?

Why not just drop a script into the VCS hook dir which then executes
"functions" located in a well-known place (e.g.
If each "function" is an executable file that would be very simple to
do.  The admin page could then allow activation of functions per
repository.  Functions are packaged with the plugin, giving the
system-admin full control over what is available to trac-admins.


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