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[Trac] How to format wiki formatting example Chris Nelson Tue Feb 28 07:01:05 2012

We use WikiGoodiesPlugin (http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/WikiGoodiesPlugin) to support simplified selection of *bold*, _underline_, and /italic/ text. I want to write an example that shows the markup and the result at one time. In HTML, I'd say

You can make text <b>&lt;b&gt;bold&lt;/b&gt;</b> or <i>&lt;i&gt;italic&lt;/i&gt;</i>.

But I can't figure out how to escape formatting well enough to do that in Trac wiki syntax.

  You can make text !**bold*!* or !//italic/!/.

doesn't work.  Nor does

  You can make text '''*bold*''' or ''/italic/''.

Am I missing something obvious about including formatting characters as literals?
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