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Re: [Trac] Can Trac help me build my ideal issue tracking system? Peter Suter Fri Apr 06 04:00:12 2012

On 06.04.2012 04:43, Devin Jacobs wrote:
More telling is that I don't need any features related to programming
and source code, timelines, roadmaps, a wiki, etc.
All these components can be completely disabled & hidden in Trac:

trac.versioncontrol.* = disabled
trac.timeline.* = disabled
trac.ticket.roadmap.* = disabled
trac.wiki.* = disabled

All the issue trackers I'm aware of just have too many features given
prominent display when they're not needed.  Users complain that
there's 20 fields on the screen and they only ever use 2 or 3.

Trac by default has some fields that can be disabled & hidden simply by deleting the defaults (Components, Milestones, Priorities, Resolutions, Severities, Ticket Types and Versions). This results in (depending on what you count as a field) ~5 fields.

Some plugins allow hiding fields. E.g. SimpleTicketPlugin:


Users - A user account, email, password, etc.  A user interacts with
the issues they have access (permission) to.  A user may have access
to an issue either directly or through a group membership.

While Trac checks user (and group) permissions per-issue, to specify per-issue permissions you'd need a plugin. E.g. PrivateTicketsPlugin:


Groups - ...

Sounds exactly like Trac to me.

Issue Types - ...

Trac by default always shows all fields. There are some plugins that make them depend on the ticket type or permissions:


The plugins maybe don't do exactly what you want, but I think it shows that Trac is pretty flexible, so if you have the time and know how you could always write your own plugins.

Hope this helps!

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