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[Trac] cvs2svn + repository restructure -> Repository subsets have to be fully self contained BSchmeil Thu Aug 31 23:17:21 2006

Hi all,


we just switched to subversion (part of the reason for this was the need
for using trac), but after the cvs-svn-conversion I had to restructure
the repository, i.e. changing the generated structure from
/trunk/project1/ to /project1/trunk/, etc. This probably leads to the
"Repository subsets have to be fully self contained"
(http://projects.edgewall.com/trac/ticket/1830) which is fixed in 0.10.


Currently we have the trac-0.9.5-1.fc5 rpm for Fedora Core 5 installed,
so in this version the problem is still present. 0.10 seems to have a
lot of open issues.


Any hints or recommendations what to do?


TAI - Bernd



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