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Re: [Trac] Forcing Wiki rendering of a file content Christian Boos Sat Sep 09 07:49:04 2006

Emmanuel Blot wrote:

Some of our .txt files in our SVN repository use the Trac Wiki syntax.
How can I tell Trac to render the files as Wiki pages when browsing them?

svn pset svn:mime-type text/x-trac-wiki *.txt

Or, if those files have a special suffix, a configuration option
can be used to bind them automatically to this mime type, e.g.

mime_map = text/x-trac-wiki:trac:wtxt

will associate *.trac and *.wtxt files to this type.

In 0.11, I'll pass enough context information through renderer/formatter/macros,
so that things like [[PageOutline]] will work in such pages.

-- Christian
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