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Re: [Trac] How to permit only logged in users to make changes in trac Rainer Sokoll Sat Sep 09 10:35:45 2006

On Wed, Aug 30, 2006 at 12:38:21PM +0300, Jani Tiainen wrote:

> >This is apache's task (assumed you use apache).
> >For instance, I use mod_auth_ldap for authentication and have a "require
> >valid-user" in the appropriate location container in httpd.conf.
> Actually it isn't directly resposibility of task of external 
> authentication (like apache). (Depending on case)
> What here needs to be done is revoke modify/add rights from "anonymous" 
> user in Trac (by using tracadmin). Then anonymous is still able to 
> browse but not change (I'm using this kind of an approach in our company 
> server, anyone can browse, but only logged in can change)

Yes, but the term "anonymous" is a little bit confusing. With me
(apache forces everyone to authenticate), "anonymous" means "default".
If a user is autheticated for example as jtiainen, and there are no
special rights defined for jtiainen within trac, then he will granted
the permissions for anonymous - even he is jtiainen. In fact, I have no
anonymous users.

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