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[transfer-dev] Re: Null in Boolean Fields coming back as False Sandra Clark Sun Feb 05 18:00:07 2012

Answered my own question.
If I set the transfer object property to string, then it works as
necessary.  Thought I would put it here just in case someone else runs into
this problem.

And trust me if I could have designed this database from scratch, this
would never have happened.

On Thu, Jan 26, 2012 at 2:36 PM, Sandra Clark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I'm working with really bad data.  Can't be helped.  In many instances, a
> field is a boolean, but can be True/False or Null (meaning it wasn't used
> in a particular year).  The table is set up with a boolean and Null.
> Using a transfer.get(), all my null boolean fields are coming up as False
> Any way to force the get to load in "" or NULL instead?
> Transfer version is  1.1., but I'm hesitant to move to 2 unless that is
> the only way to solve my problem.
> Transfer object for an example is:  (The field I'm referncing in this case
> is "Completed"
> <object name="SubTopics" table="[dbo].[SubTopics]"
> decorator="sbirmgmt.model.data.topics.SubTopicsDecorator">
>  <id name="SubTopicID" type="numeric" />
> <property name="SubTypeID" type="numeric" column="SubTypeID"
> nullable="true" />
>  <property name="SubTopicNumber" type="string" column="SubTopicNumber"
> nullable="false" />
> <property name="SubTopicTitle" type="string" column="SubTopicTitle"
> nullable="true" />
>  <property name="SubTopicText" type="string" column="SubTopicText"
> nullable="true" />
> <property name="CurrentDivision" type="string" column="CurrentDivision"
> nullable="true" />
>  <property name="HistoricDivision" type="string" column="HistoricDivision"
> nullable="true" />
> <property name="Completed" type="boolean" column="Completed"
> nullable="true" />
>  <property name="TechRepID" type="numeric" column="TechRepID"
> nullable="true" />
> <onetomany name="SubTopicMetaData" lazy="true">
>  <link to="topics.SubTopicMetaData" column="SubTopicID"/>
> <collection type="array">
> <order property="SubTopicMetaDataID" order="asc"/>
>  </collection>
> </onetomany>
> </object>
> Thanks for any help
> Sandy Clark

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