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Re: Rear Slides quit working. RVBear Mon Jul 06 07:30:41 2009

Make sure you check all the slide related fuses, there is more than 1,
in the compartment under the driver's area.  Periodically, I will blow
a fuse when retracting my driver's side slide , and the kitchen slide
will not work. The fuse that blows is labelled "ODS Front", which in
this instance means "Opposite Door Side" as opposed to "Opposite
Driver's Side" which is what I thought "ODS" meant.

On Jul 5, 9:55 pm, Motorhone Mom <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Today we returned from a 3 week trip and when I got to the storage
> place I wanted to open the rear slides to unload and nothing.  The red
> lights don't come on so I assume it is a no power situation.  The
> front slides worked fine.  Any ideas?
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