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Re: Cigarette Lighter Slabman Mon Jul 06 21:30:07 2009

Freddie, yes, I remember you.  I measured my cig lighter and find it
to be about 7/8 in. I.D., with the hole in the dash to be a tad
larger....maybe 15/16"?  Have you tried to locate another brand of cig
lighter to install in its place?  One with just a slightly larger
diameter flange...if there IS one out there.  Failing that, I guess
I'd look around for something like a washer that would go over the
receptacle and increase its O.D enough to not go through the hole.
I'm betting you could find something that would work at Elliott's
Hardware on Maple St. in Dallas.  Now I know that's out of your zip
code, but the people over here at Elliott's really ARE nice and can
help you.  Besides, you really need to get out of Cowtown and see the
bright lights of Dallas once in a while.  LOL!

I guess the other approach is to simply glue the old one in place and
cover it off.  There'll be room on that same panel or on the left side
of the wooden drawer cabinet below or on the left side console panel
in front of the map pocket to install a new one.  That is where I have
my 3 plugs are located.  It's a simple matter to just wire them in
parallel on the same line, providing you don't use them for a cig.
lighter.  The beauty of these TS units is all that area is accessible
behind the dash with the removal of a few screws.  Come to think of
it, I also have another plug BEHIND the dash for my XM satellite
radio.  With all the gadgets "we need" these days just to drive, one
can never have too many of these power sources.

While you're under there, you can alter the hot feed to your Driver
Info. Center readout so you can actually read it during daylight.
There is a wiring schematic on the back to guide you.

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