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air hose connection jbmadison Tue Jul 07 22:00:18 2009

2005 envoy, I have an air hose connector in my first bay behind the
door.  I believed that it was for access to the air system--ie outlet
for air to air up tires, run air tools etc---AND to add air if the MH
was to be towed.  My unit was recently towed and we hooked up the
wreckers air to this inlet/outlet.  The air system on the coach went
down and the brakes deployed.  The wrecker driver had to crawl under
the coach and find a tap into the rear air which he used to air the
wrecker air to the coach air system.  Question:  Does the bay
connector only have and air out valve?  Does the connector only access
the front air tanks?  What gives?  Any one have the answer.  Thx  Jim
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