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Re: [TurboGears] Re: error from sqlalchemy while using dojo in moviedemo Patricio Valarezo Sun Feb 05 07:00:24 2012

El 04/02/12 12:42, alind escribió:
I tried a simple application bu tit also dose not work. :(
#from sprox.tablebase import TableBase
from sprox.dojo.tablebase import DojoTableBase as TableBase
class BTable(TableBase):
     __model__ = BookTable
b_table = BTable(DBSession)

#from sprox.fillerbase import TableFiller
from sprox.dojo.fillerbase import DojoTableFiller as TableFiller
class BTableFiller(TableFiller):
     __model__ = BookTable
b_table_filler = BTableFiller(DBSession)

from tgext.crud import CrudRestController
class BController(CrudRestControl

from tgext.crud import CrudRestController
class BController(CrudRestController):
     model = BookTable
     table = b_table
     table_filler = b_table_filler

And here is the traceback

I have had the same problem, and I solved creating my own get_all method:

    def get_all(self):
return dict(tabla_form = tabla_usuario,valores=tabla_filler_usuario)

 and in the view:
<div py:content="tabla_form(value=valores.get_value())">values from table</div>

Note the get_value() call in valores, without it, I had a similar traceback as yours..

I hope it may help you.


Patricio Valarezo Lozano.
"las cosas no se hacen solas, alguien las tiene que hacer..."

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