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Re: [TurboGears] New releases for tgext.less and tgext.coffeescript Carlos Daniel Ruvalcaba Valenzuela Thu Feb 23 15:00:33 2012

> Great work with those, I really like the new jinja extension.

Thanks :-)

> I have to admit that less is really attractive,
> but the idea of having to rely on an external tool to compile it keeps
> me stuck to scss for now.
> Does anybody know if there is any python implementation of less?

I also explored pure python based modules when started both modules,
for lesscss most modules do the same as tgext.less (use the node.js
external tool), there is a lesscpy module but it is incomplete still,
it may be useful in the near future, I could probably add optional
support for it and hope it reaches feature parity with main
implementation soon.

For coffeescript there isn't any, most are frontends to node.js based
coffeescript compiler, for this probably it would be faster to just
try to translate the main compiler to python.

Carlos Daniel Ruvalcaba Valenzuela

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