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Re: [TV orNotTV] Re: NASCAR in the 'House' (and 'Alcatraz') Ed Dravecky Mon Feb 27 17:00:23 2012

Joe Hass <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> To add to this: Nascar is not 100% sure that they will go tonight
> either. They just knew that noon wasn't going to work, and they
> figured it'd be better to wait until 7:00 PM. Even Fox.com still has
> House and Alcatraz on the home page, so this may require a "tune in
> and see" situation.

The race is underway (with the first multi-car wreck on Lap 2!) but
there's still no official word on the Fox website nor on the Fox
Broadcasting or House pages on Facebook. I'm presuming they'll keep
the race on Fox over bumping it to cable.

Ed Dravecky III

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