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[TV orNotTV] Long-Running 'Answer-Question' Game Show That Just Won Peabody Award Mark Jeffries Wed Apr 04 12:00:26 2012

What is "Jeopardy!"?:
I have the feeling that the "GE College Bowl" was the last game show to win 
a Peabody.
Other winners include "Homeland," Al Jazeera English coverage of the "Arab 
Awakening," TED.com, "Parks and Rec," "Treme," "Portlandia," Colbert (his 
second Peabody), "Austin City Limits," bbc.com and "CNN Heroes:  An 
All-Star Tribute," a program which was mocked by the lefty news channel RT 
in one of their promos as "not covering real news"--take that, Alonya!

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