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Re: [TV orNotTV] Re: At least two more years for Letterman, Ferguson David Bruggeman Wed Apr 04 20:00:13 2012

This is a great website, thanks for the link.

SCG discussed the new contract and move last night.  He seemed to think that 
the studio next door was essentially the same size, when it can seat about two 
and a half times as many in the audience, at least as currently configured.

I can't find comparable stats for other programs, but my sense from visiting 
Kimmel's program last fall is that Ferguson's new place would still be smaller 
than the Ed, Conan's studio, and Kimmel's.  It seems like it would be 
comparable with Fallon, Colbert, and possibly The Daily Show (I can't recall 
seeing the seating arrangements during an episode of TDS like I have with the 
other programs).


 From: Bob in Jersey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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The TV City web site not only lists studio diagrams and statistics, but even 
lists shows that have been produced in each studio going back to Art Linkletter 
and Life With Father in the fiddies...


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