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[ubiquity] Uninstall Stylish Script? Lloyd Atkinson Mon Sep 28 11:01:38 2009


I just installed a Stylish skin via Ubiquity since I got a friendly
notice that it could do that. I didn't have the Stylish plugin
installed at the time though. I installed the skin, it was a google
reader skin, and the google reader page updated with the new style. I
then wanted to remove the skin since I didn't 100% like it, but I
couldn't find a way to change or uninstall the script using Ubiquity.

I thought, ok, well, I'll install the Stylish plugin and maybe it'll
show up there, and I can uninstall that way. Nope. The style doesn't
get listed by Stylish, it doesn't seem to be aware of it. So, I'm now
stuck in a situation where I have a style installed by Ubiquity, and I
can't get rid of it.

What's the intended use of the Ubiquity Stylish anyways?

Also, I searched through my installed command list and didn't even see
anything regarding Stylish, so I'm not even sure what command did

Can anyone help?


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