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Re: disk temp monitoring - critical temperature reached pol Mon Jun 18 06:08:33 2007

pol wrote:
> After  ms-windows xp has been running for hours, the lapto  is mildly warm
> on the lower side, so the overheating issue seems to rise only when linux
> is running.
> I have updated the bios and now things are getting better with linux.
> Until my laptop is plugged in, it is almost cold when touching the lower
> side, even colder that when ms-windows is running.

Update: overheating still happens, even the bios new version, although less
often. Auto-shutting down of my hp tc4200 laptop due to critical
temperature reached happended yesterday. 
I cannot say the reason. Low cpu load. I am running kernel 2.6.20 / kubuntu 

(since ubuntu is not debian, i am forwarding also to the ubuntu mailing

Any ideas?

thank you 

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