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Re: lucid screensavers Laura Conrad Wed Mar 31 08:00:19 2010

>>>>> "Fred" == Fred A Miller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Fred> In the "Hardware" application, if it shows an Intel driver,
    Fred> I'd be surprised as Intel release all it's code and therefore
    Fred> drivers are public, choose to "activate" it, then reboot. If
    Fred> all goes well, you should have 3D and the 3D screensavers
    Fred> then.

I don't know what you mean by the "Hardware" application.  I have a
"System => Hardware Drivers" menu, which doesn't give me any
drivers to install on lucid.  I do have an intel_agp module loaded.  

It could be that my "Application" menus are different because I'm using
xubuntu instead of the regular ubuntu.  Can you tell me the real name of
the program you want me to run?

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