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Re: Will removing only lib* packages affect the user experience? Avi Greenbury Tue Feb 21 16:00:59 2012

Dotan Cohen wrote:

> When updating with aptitude and removing packages to satisfy
> dependencies, will removing only lib* packages affect the user
> experience? This is one of the solutions presented to me by Aptitude:

Removing *only* lib packages generally wont, but it might disable
optional features on some software. If something is dependent on the
lib package, then its removal will be triggered by trying to remove that

Generally, I've found aptitude presents what is ostensibly The Right
Thing at that point and when you agree to it it suddenly springs a
bunch of removals on you, so if you use aptitude it's well worth paying
attention at the next bit. I've found apt-get substantially less insane
in this regard.


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