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Re: Will removing only lib* packages affect the user experience? Dotan Cohen Wed Feb 22 06:01:18 2012

On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 01:42, Avi Greenbury <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> When updating with aptitude and removing packages to satisfy
>> dependencies, will removing only lib* packages affect the user
>> experience? This is one of the solutions presented to me by Aptitude:
> Removing *only* lib packages generally wont, but it might disable
> optional features on some software. If something is dependent on the
> lib package, then its removal will be triggered by trying to remove that
> library.
> Generally, I've found aptitude presents what is ostensibly The Right
> Thing at that point and when you agree to it it suddenly springs a
> bunch of removals on you, so if you use aptitude it's well worth paying
> attention at the next bit. I've found apt-get substantially less insane
> in this regard.

Thanks, Avi. Actually I did the upgrade in Synaptic and it only
removed Gimp. I can live with that.


Dotan Cohen


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