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Re: running a simple command line tool CJ Tres Wed Feb 22 07:01:20 2012

On 02/22/2012 08:36 AM, Avi Greenbury wrote:

If you enter simply the name of what you want to run, like

$ natool

Then your shell will try to find it in your $PATH. $PATH is a variable
that contains a colon-delimited list of directories in which you can
expect to find binaries to run (run   echo $PATH   if you're interested
in what they are.

If you want to run a command outside of the $PATH you need to provide
the path to it. If it's in your current directory, that's simply './',
so you might do

$ ./natool

to run natool in your current directory, and ../natool to run something
called natool in your parent directory. What you probably want,
therefore, is:

./natool --neuros-path /mnt/neuros dirsync ~/music/ my_music dbsync

Yes. I could have been a bit more detailed.
I did try ./natool also, from within and outside the dir that hold the binary.
Natool (or rather natool) gets the result "No command 'natool' found..."
./natool results in "./natool: No such file or directory" wherever it is run from.

Time to email the dev again I guess.

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