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Re: Ping: Liam re: Newer kernel backports for 10.04 Ric Moore Wed Feb 22 14:01:10 2012

On 02/22/2012 04:33 PM, Jeff G. wrote:
On 02/21/2012 10:35 PM, Ric Moore wrote:

don't think $26 will get anything nVidia but haven't looked - I'm just
getting as many miles out of this old Dell carcass as I can while I put
together a custom box.

Amazon has that one. WITH a video out.

I figured that was important to you to have the TV plug from what you
wrote. I ran two monitors with no sweat on mine.

Damn, I didn't know they were that cheap - thanks for that.

One review mentioned you needed both hookups connected before it would
work - is that correct?

Not understanding what you mean by both hookups? For two monitors you need to make the DVI port into a VGA port with a cheap little adapter. You hook up both your monitors then, crank up nvidia-settings and set the attributes of your monitors and relative positions to each other with the Twinview setting. Then you have one monitor two screens wide. It's better to have two monitors that are alike.

Or, you can set it up so that each monitor is a separate display. Your choice. I'd go that route with two dissimilar monitors. My personal preference is for twinview, so one desktop isn't crowded with menus and tool bars using two identical monitors. Enjoy! Play with it and you'll come up with your own favorite settings. Once done, just have nvidia-settings save your new configuration, or you'll be back to ground zero the next time you boot. Ric

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