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Re: SCP Task Greg Roodt Tue Apr 27 12:00:23 2010

Is that Ant 1.7.1?

I've used it without problems. The task can be found in ant-jsch.jar.

On Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 4:52 PM, David Weintraub <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Does the SCP task work? We use Ant 1.7 and recently tried the <scp>
> task. We included the jsch.jar, but we got the following error:
> /Users/david/test/build.xml:5: Problem: failed to create task or type scp
> Cause: the class org.apache.tools.ant.taskdefs.optional.ssh.Scp was not
> found.
>        This looks like one of Ant's optional components.
> Action: Check that the appropriate optional JAR exists in
>        -/usr/share/ant/lib
>        -/Users/david/.ant/lib
>        -a directory added on the command line with the -lib argument
> Do not panic, this is a common problem.
> The commonest cause is a missing JAR.
> This is not a bug; it is a configuration problem
> It appears that none of the jars in the $ANT_HOME/lib directory
> contains the class org.apache.tools.ant.taskdefs.optional.ssh.Scp even
> though the scp task is defined in the ant.jar.
> Is this a bug in Ant 1.7? Am I suppose to include another JAR file
> that includes this classsfile?
> Never used the scp task before.
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> David Weintraub
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