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Re: Proposal for change Craig McClanahan Thu Aug 31 18:38:34 2006

On 4/24/06, Frank W. Zammetti <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I look forward to feedback.  Thanks for listening!

Without commenting on the merit of the proposal itself, or the reasoning
presented as its justification, it is important to note that we (the Struts
community) do not have free reign to do whatever we want in this regard.  As
part of Apache, the Struts community is accountable to the Apache Software
Foundation's Board of Directors, and one of the things that gets watched is
how well the various projects implement "the Apache Way".  And one of the
key tenets of that "way" is how new committers get selected.

Regardless of the details, anything along the general lines of what you
describe would be quite different from the way Apache has grown from the
very beginning to what it is today -- and it would, therefore, be looked at
with a *lot* of skepticism by Apache as a whole.  Trying to argue that the
Apache Way is flawed, and needs to be fundamentally changed like this, does
not seem likely (to me) to get much agreement Apache wide, given the ASF's
history, and the success of many of its projects at building communities of
committers that buy in to that culture -- and, by the way, produce some
pretty popular software to boot.

So what the heck is this "Apache way" thing?  It is a culture; a way of
gathering a community that interoperates ... and it can be tough at times to
write down a descrption that makes sense.  But [1] is a pretty good starting
point.  I'd also recommend looking through the documentation for the
Incubator Project (where a specific exit criteria is that the folks
participating in the new project "get it" about the Apache way).



[1] http://www.apache.org/foundation/how-it-works.html

PS:  If you like the code but don't like the community, one of the best
things about Apache is that the license gives you the right to fork and
build your own community, operated according to whatever rules please you.
So, even if a proposal like this is not accepted, you still have the
opportunity to go build "a better Struts" -- that doesn't have to be done