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Re: 'Best' Struts Development Envirnoment? Christian Grobmeier Thu Feb 02 16:07:33 2012

I can agree on what has been said about IntelliJ.
It took me one week to move over from Eclipse (speaking of getting
your workflow back). But then I have improved my speed a lots. not
only the S2 plugin is great, there are many other cool things, like
for Android dev. And I was a  long time eclipse user before.

On Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 6:10 PM, Burton Rhodes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I think this has been addressed before on this list, but I am wondering
> what you guys have found is the best environment to develop Struts.
> Currently I use Eclipse Indigo and don't really see any 'good' plugins.
> Since I use the XML method rather than annotations to map my actions, I
> find myself scrolling my incredibly long XML file to find the related
> action mappings. Surely there is a better way to do this?
> Also, a better auto complete feature for Struts tags in jsps would be nice.
> Am I willing to pay for software so I am not limited to eclipse for net
> beans. But the switch would need to offer a compelling reason to switch.
> Any advice would be welcome.
> Thanks, Burton


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