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RES: Referencing uniqe SNAPSHOT versions in POM Dário Luís Coneglian Oliveros Wed Jun 25 18:02:29 2008

In the same way as it were non-unique: just use x.y-SNAPSHOT for instance.
If do not want unique snasphot version in your repo, you'll have to add the 
following to distributionManagement section:



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De: Marco Bakera [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
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Assunto: Referencing uniqe SNAPSHOT versions in POM

Hey everybody!

Sometime I find SNAPSHOT versions in the repository like 
groupid/artifactid/SNAPSHOT/artifactid-20071218.1329060-1.jar. It seems that 
this are SNAPSHOTS uniquely identifiable via some identifier.

But how can I refer to such a version from my dependency section in my pom?

Thanks for help and greetings,

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