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AW: maven-failsafe-plugin incorrect reports when running parallel tests Christian Schlichtherle Tue Feb 07 06:01:43 2012

Hi Kristian,

I've investigated the subject a little more. For both plugin versions, I use
the same configuration (confirmed by both help:effective-pom xor the --debug


I also wrote a little test class with two test methods which both simply log
the System.identityHashCode() for the test class and its class loader. With
both plugin versions, both test method executions report the same class and
classloader instance.

Yet, with version 2.11 my integration test suite always fails and with
version 2.12 it always passes.

Now what concerns me is that I wouldn't have noticed that there are issues
in my code under test if I had started to use maven-failsafe-plugin with
version 2.12.

My integration test suite is large and long running, so I can be fairly sure
it always fails as long as the multithreading issue(s) exist(s) in my code
under test. I also know that the issue(s) in my code under test are not
classic racing conditions for objects on the heap, but a failure to properly
deal with some IOExceptions when concurrently accessing shared file system


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