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RE: Avoiding duplicate POM code: profiles, inheritance, properties Gillet Thomas (2) Mon Apr 02 05:01:37 2012

Hello Wayne,

Seems my first post was really not clear. Trying to make it simpler:

Basically, my main concern is to be able to package separately parts of the POM:
- plugin configuration and/or dependencies (previously the "type POM")
- distribution management information (previously the "deployment POM")

So I can later define one set of distribution management information per 
project, and one set of configuration per bundle type.
Then each bundle will, depending on the project it is member of and depending 
on its type, inherit from one set of distribution management information, and 
from one set of configuration.

Hope this is a better explanation.

Then, about your proposals:

> 1. Inheritance does not necessarily follow aggregation.

That's right, I didn't think about aggregator POMs. Actually if properties 
defined in an aggregator POM are accessible in the sub-modules, then it could 
be a place to put shared properties for distribution management.
But I'm not sure it is the case, and anyway it would make those properties 
available only when building the aggregator. I need to be able to build each 
module alone.

> 2. The maven-remote-resources-plugin can help share resources (configuration 
> files etc) between modules

Didn't know that. But I need to share properties, dependencies and plugin 
configurations, not only resources.

> 3. Look into the "import" scope (but this really only helps managing 
> dependencies, not necessarily useful to you)

Didn't know that either, thanks to point it out.
It actually could be used for the sets of configuration which only contain 
dependencies, but when it comes to plugin configuration, again, not working.

Not helping this particular problem I think, but that's indeed good thinks to 
Thanks for the pointers.