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Adding Eclipse JAR and source files mike digioia Mon Apr 02 16:01:13 2012


Why so difficult using code from Android Eclipse in Maven?

Just did a search for other threads like this but did not receive any hits.
Hard to believe, since so many googles hits found on this subject without
clear resolution. I have been talking directly with others that have
experience without any real answers to my issue.

I have an extensive project using Whiteboard code from Stanford and trying
to add some code based on Android Eclipse without any success, since it is
my 3rd day woth
I have all the eclipse plugins and have created a new branch off my src
tree for the new path to this code - com.xxx.xxx.xxx.etc.java. Then I did
something like this-

mvn install:install-file -DgeneratePom=true
-DgroupId=com.huawei.cona.android.zeroconf -DartifactId=jmdns -Dversion=1.0

and then mvn install

it added the jar file but I get this error message -

 [INFO] skip non existing resourceDirectory

then Build Failure!

Anyone know what is the problem. Online I noticed recommendations about
that maybe the version of maven source plugin needs to be updated.

Any one know what is going on here and how to fix it thanks