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Re: Pom files organization / best practice Bata Degen Tue Apr 03 05:01:08 2012

On 04/03/2012 01:02 PM, Stephen Connolly wrote:
best practice is *never* to put<repository>  in your pom.

best practice is to run a Maven Repository Manager (there are 3 good
ones: [in alphabetical order] archivia, artifactory, nexus)

best practice is to have those present a virtual repository that is an
aggregate of all the repositories you need.

Then in your settings.xml you do

   <url>your virtual repository</url>

Then Maven will only use your mirror. Fast builds, reliable builds,
reproducible builds, you have control over the infra.

Anything else is a path to folly

Thanks for pointing that out. That was the info I needed!

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