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Re: configuration plugin martin.eisengardt Tue Apr 03 05:01:14 2012

> Profiles appear to be magic but it is black magic.
Nice wording ;-)
I already use profiles to manage our hudson build of the maven plugin.
And yes: You are able to brake your projects if you do not know what
to do. My lvl85 gnome mage is able to create a
greater-flux-compensation-knife that will fix each maven profile.

Your answer is: The most people mess up with profiles. ok, understood.

> Configuration does not belong with software developers. It belongs to system
> administrators.
Yes and no. Developers always need to apply some local configuration
to be able to develop (test it).
You cannot always rely on a production test server to put your project
and test against.

And not all projects are that big that there is a system administrator
or hudson/jenkins. In smaller projects the developer is the system
administrator and he has only one computer for multiple roles.

> If possible, structure your Maven projects to produce a single artifact.
> Make a project that produces an artifact for development, another for your
> test environment.
> Have a look at the assembly plug-in or shade. These are safe and will not
> hurt you.
> They might be able to build the artifacts that you need.

The assemblies are targeted for building packages that are used
outside maven? Or did I understand it wrong?

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