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Re: configuration plugin Ron Wheeler Tue Apr 03 09:00:19 2012

On 03/04/2012 7:49 AM, martin.eisengardt wrote:
Profiles appear to be magic but it is black magic.
Nice wording ;-)
I already use profiles to manage our hudson build of the maven plugin.
And yes: You are able to brake your projects if you do not know what
to do. My lvl85 gnome mage is able to create a
greater-flux-compensation-knife that will fix each maven profile.
Most people are not that well equipped.
You might come out unscathed or at least not fatally injured.

Good luck

Your answer is: The most people mess up with profiles. ok, understood.

Configuration does not belong with software developers. It belongs to system
Yes and no. Developers always need to apply some local configuration
to be able to develop (test it).
You cannot always rely on a production test server to put your project
and test against.

And not all projects are that big that there is a system administrator
or hudson/jenkins. In smaller projects the developer is the system
administrator and he has only one computer for multiple roles.

If possible, structure your Maven projects to produce a single artifact.
Make a project that produces an artifact for development, another for your
test environment.

Have a look at the assembly plug-in or shade. These are safe and will not
hurt you.
They might be able to build the artifacts that you need.
The assemblies are targeted for building packages that are used
outside maven? Or did I understand it wrong?
As a general policy, I defer to Wayne Fay's superior knowledge of Maven.

We use the assembly plug-in to build executable jars that run as standalone batch jobs. The question is not so much about inside Maven or outside Maven since it is a "normal" Maven plug-in. It is more that the assembly plug-in is more flexible about inclusion of files and the type and structure of the resulting artifact than some other Maven plug-ins. For example, the war plug-in which only builds war files and thinks that it knows what a war file looks like and expects the required files to be properly structured in your project. The assembly plug-in requires more configuration but will build what you want and let you tell it where you have put the files that you want included.

There is also the shade plug-in that might be used instead of assembly. We do not use it but it does come up here very often as a way to make custom archives.

He is also very likely correct that you will find places with a better concentration of PHP/Maven users than here. Not that we are not inclined to help even when we do not know the whole story;-)

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