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Re: Solution for Disaster spam? Dave Funk Mon Jul 28 03:05:08 2008

On Sun, 27 Jul 2008, Robert Nicholson wrote:

What have people been using to curtail some of the new disaster spam that's
quite common now?
I usually don't use BAYES

Things like

*Man killed by flying cocktail glass*
*A-rod dropped from team*
*Obama withdraws support for Israel*

That's StormWorm spawn spew, not stricly speaking spam. Be that as it may
it's actually more dangerous than spam, Clueless Lluser clicks on the
link and are p0wn3d.

Here the botnet plugin prettymuch always fires on those, SURBL/URIBL
pick them up soon after they start, RBLs such as CBL & SpamHaus
usually fire too.

Bottom line, network tests seem to be the best defense.

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