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Re: white listing sendmail authenticated users Matt Kettler Wed Dec 31 05:00:34 2008

Bazooka Joe wrote:
> I am trying (unsuccessfully) to write a rule to pickup if the
> "authenticated bits=0" in the Received line of the header and give it
> -100
> I am not sure if spamass-milter Version 0.3.1is passing the Received
> line to SA.
> Does anyone know if that works? Or a better way to do it?
> header  LOCAL_AUTH_RCVD2        Received =~ /authenticated bits/
> score   LOCAL_AUTH_RCVD2        -100.0
> -bazooka
Generally milters run before the local Received: header is added.

AFAIK, spamasss-milter temporarily fakes one so DNS tests can be done on
the delivering IP, but it's not going to be identical to the one your
MTA generates.