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Re: ShortCircuit? RW Thu Aug 25 04:00:43 2011

On Wed, 24 Aug 2011 20:04:28 +0000 (UTC)
Walter Hurry wrote:

> I have been using SA on my home box for a couple of months now;
> really more as a learning exercise than anything else. Having noticed
> that my Bayes is almost always right, I tried uncommenting 
> Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::Shortcircuit
> and
> shortcircuit BAYES_99 spam
> in my local.cf. It seems to be working well, but is there a downside?

I wouldn't use short-circuiting on a home computer, unless it
really can't cope with the throughput and even then I'd start by
short-circuiting ham. If you want to place more reliance on BAYES then
change it's scores. 

If you short-circuit on BAYES_99 you lose the benefit of negative
scoring rules. You also lose one of SA's best features: the ability to
distinguish between certain spam and probable spam, and that makes it
much harder to spot any FPs.