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Re: SA 3.4.x trunk: bayes_file_mode (default: 0700) Kris Deugau Fri Feb 17 08:00:37 2012

Axb wrote:
On SA 3.4. trunk, according to


bayes_file_mode (default: 0700)
The file mode bits used for the Bayesian filtering database files.

Make sure you specify this using the 'x' mode bits set, as it may
also be used to create directories. However, if a file is created,
the resulting file will not have any execute bits set (the umask is
set to 111). The argument is a string of octal digits, it is
converted to a numeric value internally.

without a directive in local.cf I'm seeing it create files with 0600

Looks correct to me; necessary directories will be created with the default 0700 mode, files will be created without the execute bit for 0600.