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Re: Help for Channels needed Kris Deugau Fri Feb 17 08:01:03 2012

Michael Monnerie wrote:
The sha1 is already there. What I need is to generate a new gpg key with
which I can sign my channel. It should be an extra key as I need it on
several servers. So I need to create a new private key and public key,
export both into files.

The sign goes like
gpg -bas UPDATE_NUMBER.tar.gz

But how do I tell gpg to use a different key to sign that file?

Check "man gpg" - you should be able to find something suitable there.

For the local rules channel I set up here, I created a separate GPG keyring in a specific place with --homedir, and then in the SVN post-commit hook that creates the rules tarball and signs it I use --homedir again with the same path.

I don't know of a way to use a different key in a shared keyring, but as above "man gpg" should tell you if it's possible. I'm sure it is; otherwise there wouldn't be much point in allowing multiple keys in the first place.

I'd also suggest signing the files once, on one machine, then copying the signed files and signatures to as many other machines as necessary.