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Re: Spam messages with no payload Jeremy McSpadden Sat Feb 18 18:00:23 2012

Can you pastebin some sample messages + headers ?

Jeremy McSpadden
Flux Labs, Inc
http://www.fluxlabs.net <http://www.fluxlabs.net/>
Endless Solutions
Office : 850-588-4626
Cell : 850-890-2543
Fax : 850-254-2955

On 2/18/12 6:55 PM, "neon_overload" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>I'm convinced that spammers are using me as a guinea pig.
>I'm getting hit pretty hard by just a few determined spammers at the
>who seem to vary their spam signature every day or so (they sent out
>thousands of free accounts at free email providers, so can't use client
>DNSBL).  But every now and again, I'll get a spam from them that follows
>pretty much the same pattern as everything else, except that the vital
>ingredient - the link to their spam site or any mention of what they are
>promoting - is not there.  Just the formatting and the random words.  And
>these mails get right through my spam filter.
>It's as if they are just sending out a test run when they come up with a
>pattern, to see if it increases their bounce rate or something.
>BAYES_99 often hits on them, but I don't want to reject email just because
>it hits BAYES_99.  The thing is, it's difficult to classify these emails
>even manually as spam or not spam, so it'd be hard to come up with rules
>filter them.  They are once-off, so they're not "bulk" per se - and they
>not promoting the spammer - they are just random words.  But they are, of
>course, still spam to me because they are noise I didn't request.
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