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Re: Yet another thread about AWL Michael Scheidell Wed Feb 22 04:00:12 2012

On 2/22/12 5:14 AM, Antonio Gutiérrez Mayoral wrote:
But in the MySQL shows up the record...

username    email    ip    count   totscore
vscan [EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 194.587 -2.393

disable AWL. it is depracated, and amavisd-new has better ways of handling this, and you are running amavisd-new.
why are you beating a dead horse?
AWL was deprecated because it is slow, not accurate, easy to poison, and the FN rate is unacceptable (it is unacceptable to you, right?)

spammers forge their from address, use 'random' ip addresses on zombot networks.

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