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Re: HOW to setup an URIBL? Axb Wed Feb 22 05:00:36 2012

On 02/22/2012 12:59 PM, Michelle Konzack wrote:
Hi Experts (Mark?),

I was some days in hostpital and in the meantime I was  hit  be  several
million spams which where not detected by  spamassassin.   My  secondary
stage of spamfilter (procmail based) has found nearly  all  without  any
False-Positives, but this mean, I have to filter AFTER my MTA has accept
the message and consumes very huge resources on my storage servers.

OK, I have already "bind9" installed, because it is my master for nearly
300.000 domains and now I like to setup additionaly an URIBL.

Can somone tell me how I have to setup "bind9" to serve as URIBL please?

My current procmail scripts are updated using ssh from inside my  "mutt"
configuration and can easily changed to use "nsupdate"  to  install  new
URIs in my URIBL.

However, I do not know, how to setup "bind9"  to  do  this  and  how  to
change spamassassin to use my URIBL additionaly.

This is a pretty good guide to start off with: