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Re: fired rules count ..rule Alex Thu Feb 23 15:01:07 2012


>> Is there a way/rule to count the fired ruled number ?
>> I've google a lot with no results (surely my fault ..wrong keywords)
>> ..thanks for any help
> If you just want to see what rules fire within a period of time and/or
> count them, scan the mail log (/etc/log/maillog*) on my system. A good
> approach for daily reporting is to write a logwatch extension module,
> probably in Perl. Otherwise, write a standalone analyser in Perl, awk or
> the language of your choice.
> I went the logwatch route but also have a scripts that can scan all
> available mail logs, analyse SA performance, message sizes, etc.

How have you extended the logwatch scripts beyond the ones available here:


I'm always looking for additional logging stats. Can you share what you've done?