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RE: Content_Length Problem Woytasik Joe Mon Mar 31 00:01:19 2008

I have tried the isapi_redirect.dll Tim provided, and it appeared to
almost work.  CICS made the request and received my response but for
some reason did not interpret it correctly.  Is there something in the
redirector's log that I can look at to verify it is using chunked

I see the following line, but never see one where chunked encoding is

[Tue Jan 08 08:05:07.220 2008] [13680:12960] [debug]
init_jk::jk_isapi_plugin.c (2146): Using chunked encoding? false. 


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In Joes case CICS seems to get used as an HTTP client, not an HTTP

Nevertheless the server page you found includes a link to


that contains the following information:

When CICS as an HTTP client receives a chunked message as a response to
an application program's request, the chunks are also assembled before
being passed to the application program as an entity body, and any
trailing headers can be read using the HTTP header commands. You can
specify how long the application will wait to receive the response,
using the RTIMOUT attribute of the transaction profile definition for
the transaction ID that relates to the application program.

So it seems, that CICS 3.1 does support chunked encoding when reading an
HTTP response.

So using either apache httpd or the chunked-encoding enabled variant of
the isapi redirector could indeed be the solution.



Martin Gainty schrieb:
> Tim-Thanks for the comprehensive explanationI found this link helpful 
> for CICS transactions 
> http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/cicsts/v3r1/index.jsp?topic=/
> com.ibm.cics.ts31.doc/dfhtl/topics/dfhtl_http11serverintro.htm

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