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Embedded tomcat example Clay McCoy Fri Jan 29 12:00:23 2010


Here is an example project for people interested in making an executable war, 
or a Groovy script to start embeded Tomcat.
The idea was to take my real project and remove everything not relevant to this 
example.   But it doesn't work anymore.  :(

The script just quits after calling embedded.start().  In EmbeddedTomcat.groovy 
on line 69.

There are no errors, why would the embedded Tomcat server just stop?  That's 

In my original project it keeps the tcp accept loop going until I terminate the 
process.  I'm not sure what the difference is.
I can deploy this war and everything works fine.

If anyone has suggestions of any kind please don't hesitate.  I had such 
trouble finding documentation to make this happen, that I wanted to put a good 
example out there to help others.  I'll eventually write a blog post once I get 
this working correctly.

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